Alleviate Boredom

I have too many hobbies.

It’s not a complaint but sometimes I get overwhelmed when I get bored. I could read a book because I have tons, I can work on a crochet project, I can work on a knit project, oh how about paint a picture. When I am bored, instead of doing ANY of my projects I have set up, I end up watching TV and laying on the couch. Not cool I know! I wish I could schedule projects but I’m very much a project based on my current needs and creativity. I know I mentioned working on my needs vs wants with regards to working out and being productive. Maybe this is another place to work on that…

In all reality, hobbies are usually based around the freaking TV for me. Am I in the middle of a TV show on Netflix that I need to focus on, well no project today. Is the TV show I’m watching this week something I can kind of tune out, cool I can knit, crochet or play a video game. I can’t find anything to watch, NOTHING, I guess I will read. Then I read and end up blinking up at the bright lights in my living room and noticing it’s 3am. That’s not really healthier either.

Do you have a lot of hobbies that you struggle to find time for or have a hard time deciding what projects to work on?

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


Gender Reveal T-Shirt

My sister has been patiently waiting to see if she would have a boy or girl come July. For a while, she was not even sure she would be able to carry this baby to term because of the babies placement. Lots of problems at the beginning of this pregnancy. Well on February 23, she found out the baby had moved into a good position and had the doctor check the gender. Right after the doctor put her ultrasound in the thick envelope she provided, taped that sucker good so she would not be tempted to look, she drove straight to my house. I was then tasked with coming up with a way to reveal to my sister, her husband and my nephew what gender the unborn baby is. I racked my brain for fun ideas, everything from a cake, to a box with balloons, and to those color dissolvable powders but I only had a week to do it. With only a week to get this done and since they were combining this and my nephew’s b-day dinner at Red Robin, I decided to do a T-shirt for my nephew.

While the other ideas were good, I didn’t want to turn my nephew’s b-day celebration into focusing all on the new baby. Instead I decided to do something that would focus on HIM finding out if he was going to have a brother or sister. My first step was figuring out what sort of theme I wanted to do. My nephew loves superheros so I decide to do something with the saying “This superhero is getting a sidekick”. Since my sister’s family already knew they were pregnant I needed to figure out how to word it differently. Once I figured that out I needed to find someone to print my design and boy is that NOT cheap. I searched online for other options and found this website, A Splendid Assemblage and she shows you how to use freezer paper and fabric paint!

All I had to do was create the design I wanted, trace it onto the freezer paper (wax side down), use an exacto knife to cut out the part I wanted to be painted on the shirt and then Iron the freezer paper onto the shirt. It’s a super easy project to do! This was my first attempt at painting on a t-shirt!


Preparing to trace

Cut out

Cut out and ready to use

Once I washed the black shirt I had and ironed on the above pieces of freezer paper, I dabbed the paint colors where I wanted. I chose to leave out the center parts on the letters because 1. the writing is really small it was not easy cutting out such small pieces and 2. I liked the way it looks with the center of the e,a,o and p’s left in. I followed the fabric paints instructions and the T-shirt turned out great! I wish I would have gotten a picture of my nephew when he opened his present but I only have the pictures below.





Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus