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I don’t generally do vacations but I felt like I needed to get away for a weekend. I searched for a nice place on the west coast to hang out for 3 days and found this cute little resort┬ácalled Seabrook. I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at the end of May and while it was a relaxing weekend, I was bummed it was not nicer out. I know the coast is usually cooler than inland but I was hoping for more sun and got mostly clouds. I also wanted to take my dog to the beach for the first time! We were only able to go down to the beach once.

I decided on Seabrook because I was looking for a small cottage that allowed dogs, was not super expensive and was located within walking distance of the beach. I didn’t want to stay in a hotel or motel and wanted a home away from home. I found Seabrook very charming, in a welcome to Pleasantville sort of way. All the homes are rather close, nothing is around the resort so you need to make your own fun, they have 1 restaurant and 2 food trucks, a general store, a dog shop, bike rentals, art studio, pool and a spa. They also have a basketball court, horseshoes and a dog park. The home I stayed in, Longshoreman’s Daughter, was about a mile walk away from the beach and had a fire pit out front. Most, if not all the cottages come stocked with pretty much everything you will need except food. Mine had everything I needed besides food and personal items. It had a full kitchen, TV with cable and movies, board games and card games, 2 beach bikes and a 2 person hot tub. It had a small dog run attached to it, a dog bed, dog toys, and dog dishes.

I went by myself, a solocation. Now while I’m 100% fine with my own company, I think this place might be boring to someone who isn’t, unless they go with a group. On Sunday, the clouds were out and there was a steady breeze which made being outside pretty darn cold. I stayed inside with a cup of hot chocolate, the gas fireplace going and watching Harry Potter. I had planned to read a few books and get caught up on a series but I forgot the next book in the series I’m reading. I love HP so I was not too disappointed. The few times the clouds went away, the dog and I went out to explore. She had a blast walking around and smelling all the new smells. Seabrook was pretty empty when I went but I can imagine it filled with families and how exciting the place could be.

Overall the dog and I had a fantastic time at Seabrook and the Longshoreman’s daughter exceeded my exceptions! I hope I can come back soon!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


Cats, Dogs and Parties

You might see a few of these posts, strange posts about my dreams. I have a pretty active imagination and when I dream it can come out rather strange. Not all of my dreams are weird or strange, mostly they are vivid, realistic and random.

Last night I dreamt I took my dog out for a walk and she found a kitten. A tiny fur baby that she wanted to take home. I was not about to leave what looked like a few weeks old kitten out in the cold weather. So I picked up the kitten and walked the dog back to my house. All I could think about was, how the hell am I going to afford a cat and where will I put the kitty liter. Well within a few hours the kitten grew into an adult size cat so I invited all my neighbors over to see if someone had lost a kitten. My neighbors all came over and we had a party. Lots of people, lots of dogs and lots of cats. I don’t like parties and this one was rather strange, cats, dogs and people just hanging out together.

Then I woke up and I don’t even like cats all that much.

Tiffany – Tangled Taurus