What the [BLANK] happened this weekend?

A FUN weekend!


My new fridge came in this weekend! Friday night and Saturday morning I spent the majority of my energy on cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the kitchen, and making room for the delivery guys. I went from a freezer on top model to a french door with freezer on bottom. it’s a little bigger and sticks out and that small difference is driving me a little crazy. See the picture above. I like the space inside but overall the change has been, a little difficult to get used to. It’s only been 2 days so I know I’ll get over it.

After my fridge was delivered one of my book club co-organizers convinced me to go to the Passport to Romance Reader Event at The Westin in Bellevue. I’m SO happy she convinced me to go. Most of the events I’ve gone to consist of tables lined up and each author has a whole table or half, they are selling their books and giving away swag. Pens, chap-stick, bookmarks TONS of bookmarks, shot glasses and other odds and ends cover tables. I once went to one that was giving away promotional condoms, flavored condoms. It’s all rather fun but this event topped the cake.

Passport to Romance Reader Event

We each got a swag bag, if you got there before they were gone. The bags have bookmarks and other promotional items. What surprised me the most? The free books inside the bag, yes free novels! My friend even got a hardback. Once you got inside the room, you still had tables and swag and authors selling their books but these were smaller round tables and authors actually talked and conversed with you. The atmosphere was great. You could get drinks. You could ogle the male cover models who were there. You could enter in raffles to win a bunch of prizes. You could vote for your favorite book cover. The best part, besides chatting with the authors and publishers, and the most surprising, more free books. This was a great way for me to try some new authors. I noticed that a large number of the authors at the event primarily did electronic books and since I tend to avoid digital books, it was nice to see them have hard copies for me to read.

At the end of the event, while my friend and I were waiting to take a picture of the adorable and studly cover models, one of the authors asked me if I was interested in paranormal romance. Of course I said yes, I mean that’s what my book club is all about. Turns out one of the raffle winners who won her book already had it and she was giving away the copy the winner didn’t want. That got us to chatting and I told her about my book club and she asked if we would like the first 2 books of her series to read. How awesome is that?? Once we get together to drop of and pick up the books my book club will get to read books directly from an author. We’ve had that happen once before, with Richelle Mead and it was pretty awesome. If you would like to see which books I got, you can check out my ECWC2015 shelf on Goodreads.

See my swag and hot male cover model pictures below!

After Saturday’s fun night, Sunday was boring. Woke up feeling like I had a hangover, which I might have. I ran some errands and then played video games while watching Bones. All together I had a super fun weekend.

Tiff Sig


Empty Space

I’ve been a little preoccupied lately and forgot to do a blog post. I even forgot to send a mother’s day card. I did call her, I’m not a bad daughter! I made up for it though. I sent a mother’s and father’s day card with an AMC theater gift card for a movie date night. I think that will do. 🙂

So what’s keeping me busy? Honestly it’s cleaning but I set myself up for some trouble. I need to read like 5 books in the next 2 weeks and have been attempting to minimalize my home. I also just celebrated my 30th birthday, that has been weighing on me and I’m going on a mini vacation at the end of the month. Just a lot happening for me this month and while I know I need to start cleaning up my life sooner rather than later, it’s just kind of catching up to me.

On Saturday my friend and I did dinner and a movie. We do this every year for my birthday and with all the amazing movies that come out in May, seeing a good one is easy. Now I’m a planner, not sure if you have picked up on that while reading this blog but I am. I decided on a time and place to meet my friend. I was running late so she ran in to buy the movie tickets before we went to IKEA. I KNOW when I checked online the movie was playing at the theater but turns out, it was not. Apparently the theater didn’t get the movie and had lots of people trying to see the movie there. The nice attendant told my friend that the movie was playing down the street but it’s earlier than we wanted. We run over to the other theater and buy our tickets and end up skipping IKEA. Totally bummed out because I love IKEA. So my friend and I walk into the theater and this is what we see, not a single person there.

IMG_20150516_143454We went to see Pitch Perfect 2 on a Saturday on its opening weekend. This is an older theater but the new theater was not even playing the movie, what is going on! Well as soon as we sat down, the theater started filling up. My theory, everyone went to the new theater first, because online it said they had it and when it was not showing they were told to go down the street to this one! Fantastic movie by the way, not as great as the first but still fantastic.

I hope to have an updated blog post for my Battling Chaos series soon but it’s taking some time and I’ve run into some problems. Here is the before picture, see what I have to work with!


Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus