Battling Chaos v.5 : Hammer out the details

Planning Planning Planning!

Now that I have the reasons for my change I need to create an action plan.  

This week should be used to plan how I’m going to accomplish what I wrote down as my wants and needs.

I have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish if I want to start putting a dent in those need and want lists. I’m going to hit my home in sections see how this works. The list is not set and I may add items to it. (see list below) Once I start getting my home in order I’ll start adding in other aspects of my life I’d like to simplify.

For each area of my home, I’m going to clear out everything, pack it up or put it in a designated spot, clean the empty space and then divide all the items I pulled out into items I want to keep, sell/donate or trash. My plan is to post before, during and after pictures to go along with each blog post.


  1. Computer Area
  2. Fireplace & Tv area
  3. Under the stair storage
  4. Entry way and Coat Closet
  5. Rest of living room
  6. Dining Room & long bookcase behind it
  7. Kitchen, fridge and pantry
  8. Downstairs bathroom
  9. Linen Closet
  10. Laundry Room
  11. Master Bathroom
  12. Master Bedroom
  13. Master Closet
  14. 2nd Bedroom
  15. Car


  1. Create a budget and stick to it
  2. Work towards becoming debt free
  3. Cook more food at home
  4. Exercise more
  5. Make time for reading
  6. Make time for crafts – Knitting, card making, painting

Battling Chaos v.4 : List time!

Why, Wants and Needs

Time to write it all down. I want big whys and wants as well as the small things that I often gloss over. This shouldn’t take long but I decided to take a few minutes and write down my list. I let it sit for a few days and went back over my list to see if I needed to make adjustments.  

WHY: Write down why I’m making this change. Why do I want to live with less? Knowing my whys can be a huge motivator when things get rough.

You might not think knowing and writing down your whys are a big deal but they are the reasons you want to change and can be huge motivational tools.

  • I don’t like my messy house
  • I’m tired of the clutter in my home
  • I’m tired of buying items to reflect myself in a certain light to others instead of things I’m passionate about
  • To create a structured and relaxing home

WANT : What do I want to accomplish? What do I want to get out of minimalism?

Knowing what you want helps you find and develop your passions in life.

  • I want to reduce chaos
  • I want to feel energized
  • I want to focus on my passions
  • I want to find my passions
  • I want to be happy
  • I want my home to stay clean
  • I want my home to be guest ready
  • I want to be proud of myself
  • I want to be healthier
  • I want to find love
  • I want to be stable
  • I want to find myself
  • I want to be financially ready for almost anything
  • I want to feel safer
  • I want to be debt free
  • I want to be more than just good at my passions
  • I want to find my focus
  • I want to be stress free
  • I want to be more social
  • I want to read more
  • I want to exercise more
  • I want to feel good
  • I want to start running 5ks again
  • I want to cook more
  • I want to budget my money better

NEED : What do I think I need from life? What do I think I need to be happy? I’m thinking I might be surprised by the end of this. My needs will either be completely wrong or true.

  • I need stability
  • I need to be happy
  • I need my car
  • I need my home
  • I need my dog
  • I need a creative outlet
  • I need to read
  • I need a way to unwind
  • I need financial freedom
  • I need friends
  • I need family
  • I need structure
  • I need spontaneity
  • I need to eat healthier
  • I need to take care of myself
  • I need to donate more
  • I need to listen more
  • I need to workout more
  • I need to be stronger
  • I need courage
  • I need to find a career
  • I need to focus
  • I need to develop my talents
  • I need to let go
  • I need to be more honest with myself
  • I need to travel more
  • I need to get out of my comfort zone
  • I need to live
  • I need to participate more
  • I need to stick to the financial budget I set

Now that I have my reasons figured out, now onto my next step! I’ll post my plan next.

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

Battling Chaos v.3 : My first steps to Minimalism

My Journey to Minimalism

You have to start somewhere right?

My home is a mess! When I get home all I want to do is sleep. On the weekends I don’t want to leave and I don’t want to do anything. This feeling and the way I’m living my life need to change. I need something drastic but gradual enough that I won’t overwhelm myself and give up so I’m turning to a simple way of living, Minimalism.

One of the most used phrases I’ve come across in the search for simplicity is “find a style of minimalism that works for you”. This is exactly what I plan on doing and anyone who is reading this, this is a work in progress. I’ve not completed this journey but instead you will get to come along for the ride! Sounds exciting right??

This week I’m going to start by writing down all my reasons for doing this, what I want from life and this change and what I think I need. I’ll post these in a few days.

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

Battling Chaos v.2 : Discovering Minimalism

I mentioned in a post the other day that my house is driving me crazy. I have too much stuff and surfaces seem to multiple the crap that goes on them. I’ve also stated about looking into battling this chaos by learning about minimalism. Some of the things I’ve learned from researching minimalism have sort of scared me. I mean I get anxious just thinking of going through my possessions but I like the minimalist idea.

What does minimalism mean?

A minimal policy, style, technique, action, etc. Buying less and doing more. Experience more of life to live a happy life. Understanding what you actually need and living a meaningful life with less stuff. In one word, simplifying.

What I thought minimalism meant.

Before I looked into minimalism, I assumed it was all about stark living, with little to no personality, cold and unwelcoming homes. A person who creates a clean space with little to no distraction or knickknacks and only uses neutral colors. While this may not be inaccurate, it is not necessarily the norm. People who are minimalist can range from extreme to moderate to light.

What will being a minimalist mean to me?

Right now, fear! Fear of the unknown, drastically changing my habits and doing something unknown and out of my comfort zone. Reading some of the minimalist websites seriously gave me anxiety. Sell my house and my car? You want me to pack up my whole house?? I HATE that part of moving. The reason The Minimalists give, I get and fully agree with but still causes me to have a small panic attack imagining myself doing that. Seriously though, pack up my whole house in 1 day? I have way too much stuff! Hence learning about minimalism, but that is beside the point. These are the extreme examples but can you see how that might cause some anxiety? Hopefully the fear will change quickly into something better but that may take some time. Change does not always come easy to me. On this journey I hope I find benefits such as spending less, being more productive, less clutter and chaos and being happier in my home.

I have a long way to go to figuring out how this will work for me and I won’t do it all in one shot. I’m not that dramatic and need to be eased into drastic changes. I got a lot of great information from the resources I linked below and plan to create my own Journey to Minimalism. My next action plan, creating a rough draft Journey to Minimalism guide for myself. I’ll post my first step soon.


Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

Back to the Grind

I went to the gym for the first time in about 8 months last Saturday and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was expecting pain, soreness, aches, lower back pain, difficulty breathing and a massive headache. I mean, it’s been a long time and I didn’t want to push myself too hard but it was still a decent workout. I was even more surprised when I was not aching the following days and my lower back actually felt better while grocery shopping.

My next gym visit is either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, maybe a couple of those days and I’m excited! I’ve not been excited to go to the gym in a very long time. I wish I could bottle this feeling for when I’m not feeling it.

Tiffany -The Tangled Taurus

Battling Chaos v.1

Battling Chaos of the home!

For my first blog post, I talked about setting goals for 2015. I’m working on my reading and you’ve seen a few book reviews since then but very little on productivity, with the exception of prepping meals early so I don’t eat fast food. As for productivity, I’ve always had too much stuff for the space I live in. You might ask how this relates to productivity. Well, all this stuff gets scattered and left out and all together chaotic. I walk into my home and get stressed because of all the mess and clutter. I know that not being lazy and just cleaning up would help but I’m thinking I need to be a little more drastic with this first go around. And by drastic I’m thinking minimalist, which I know nothing about but I’m willing to give it a try.

Now I’m not one to dive right in without doing my research so I picked up The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide : How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify your Life By Francine Jay & a CD of The Power of Less : the Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential — in Business and in Life By Leo Babauta from the library. I don’t generally read self help type books but I figured this one would be worth a read since I need to start somewhere and get in the right mind set. I’m thinking this blog post subject is going to be a 3 part, so look for more to come. Wish me luck!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

First Steps

This last week has been pretty fantastic and productive and I plan on making the weekend the same. Since finding out that not only did my car insurance go up, my phone bill went up and my HOA dues just went up, I’ve been a little financially stressed. I’m great at creating a budget, which I did last weekend but it’s hard when the price of utilities go up but your wages don’t go up with them. I know, I know, welcome to the real world! I’ve always done a pretty good job of not over budgeting my regular (I need these utilities), what I’m NOT great at is sticking to the flex budgets I set. This week though, I only ate out once and that was for a good-bye lunch for a co-worker.  I made this delicious quiche for breakfast and had chicken and veggies for lunches and soup for dinner. Not the most filling dinners but I’m working within my budget right now and I was just glad I didn’t cave and get fast food.


For this upcoming week, I plan of trying something different for breakfast. While I LOVED the quiche (Broccoli, Ham & Cheese), I know that I will get sick of eggs pretty quickly and I decided to try Chia Seeds. For breakfast next week, I found a recipe I want to try, Papaya, Berry and Mint Chia Seed Parfait. Papaya is supposed to be in season so hopefully it won’t be too pricey. Lunches will be the same as well as dinners because I’m taking this slow. No need to rush into getting healthier as long as I’m taking steps forward and not backward. I’ll let ya know how the Chia Seed Parfait turns out!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

A year of unhealthy living

It dawned on me this weekend that a year ago, I was a dramatically different person. I’ve done the Hot Chocolate 5k for the last 2 or 3 years and this year I will miss it and that bums me out, a lot. A year ago I was in a decent enough shape to run the timed 5k, but right now, no way. I was active, I was eating home cooked meals and I was feeling great about my health. It amazes me how far you can let yourself go and not even realize it or care. I know this is still early in the year and I want to make this upcoming statement a lie but I think this will be the first year in the last 5 that I do NOT compete in a 5k. I’m going to aim for doing the 5k Christmas Rush in December but at this point, I may not make that. Now it’s not because I don’t have faith in myself that I could get there, it’s just my body is hurting pretty bad and it’s going to take time. I know my body and the pain I have and it’s going to take time to get back into half of what I was a year ago.

I’m not here to only complain. I have a plan, well I have a rough list of steps to get me to where I need to be. This is part of my goal for 2015. Well not the getting healthier part but increasing my productivity and putting my needs before my emotional wants, which will help lead to living healthier. Tonight I’m going to go grocery shopping and I’m going to pre-make some lunches so I’m not always eating fast food. I feel like this is a great place to start, for now. Less words more action!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

Tangled and Stumbling

I have been in a good head space for the last few years but I’m not sure what happened in 2014 but something changed. 2014 was not a pleasant year for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was not horrible and I’m not complaining. I just don’t want last year to continue into this year. Last year I gave up on myself and just stumbled along all year. My interests were non-existent and my ability to care about anything had obviously taken a vacation. That’s why I started this blog. I know that people who set new years resolutions get a bad rap because they tend to fall off the wagon around February and that is why I don’t like setting one. I do however like setting goals during the first of the year because the semi OCD part of me likes starting on the first month. Regardless of when I start, I have plans for this year. I don’t have the details ironed out yet but I do have a few goals I want to work on.

Goals for 2015

Work on Productivity – Last year I was LAZY, still am really. My house is looking like a episode of hoarders and I let lights stay unchanged for far too long. I’ll choose to stay home and watch Netflix all day instead of going to get groceries. I let my immediate emotional want overshadow my needs and that has to stop. This year I’m putting my needs before my emotional wants and I’m going to not let them influence what I need to do. This means doing projects around the house, fixing things, making sure I’m not scrambling for gifts or sending out cards late. 

Read More – I read a lot as it is but I have a goal of 55 books to read this year. Like I said, last year was a lazy year and there were times when all I wanted to do was veg out in front of the TV. This year I’ll need to read a little more than 4 books a month. I hope book reviews is a good enough reason to keep me on track. 4 or more books a month, here I go! 

All in all I’m planning on making 2015 a much better year!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus