Book Reviews

Let me just preface this with a little warning, I am NOT a writer nor do I write well. I’m not the best at expressing myself either but I hope that reviewing the books I read will help and be a good exercise for me. My reviews are based on my own opinions and I will write a review on the books I hated, liked and loved. Regardless of my review and opinion, I encourage readers to make their own opinions on a book. Something I dislike might be something you love and vise versa.

Please see below for links to blog posts for each book review. You can also follow me on Goodreads.

My star ratings are based off of some heavy scientific research…I’m kidding it’s based off how I feel while reading a book. Key factors that decide my star ratings can be how enjoyable the book/characters are, how well does the story progress and the overall story/plot. I often ask myself questions such as, would I recommend this to a friend, are the characters/story written well, would this book be purchase worthy and if the book had me hooked.

2015 Book Reviews 

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