The Tangled Taurus

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, either by accident or on purpose, thanks for feeding my stat machine. The Tangled Taurus is an outlet for me, an outlet for what you might ask, well everything. I have a somewhat scattered, random and unorganized personality and my life tends to be about the same. My hope for this blog is to help organize my thoughts, projects and life. You might see a little bit of everything on here, book reviews (because I like to read), craft projects (I’m a mad knitter), goal progress and maybe lots of lists.

  • I am The Tangled Taurus – 

I’m 30, single but looking to mingle *wink wink* and enjoying life. I enjoy many pleasures in life, such as romance/paranormal/supernatural books. I lead a book club here in the area and we read paranormal/supernatural books, usually revolving around mysteries, romance or urban fantasy. I love soccer and went to my first hockey game last December. I had no idea what was going on but it was fantastic! I also enjoy food way more than I should (I really should eat better) and am a dance movie junkie. I also like to think of myself as creative, I like paint, knit and crochet. I also enjoy playing video games, especially games like Wow (ex-wow obsessed gamer), Skyrim, DragonAge and The Sims.

Tiff Sig


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