Nephew’s Baby Blanket

I started working on a Hooded baby blanket I found on Ravelry for my soon to be born nephew a few months ago. I tried looking for something nice and soft in the colors my sister has picked out, red and black. Do you know how tough it is trying to find regular colors for baby items, everything is pastel! I didn’t like anything I was finding at JoAnns but because I needed a lot of yarn, I decided to cave in and get the pastel stuff. It’s a baby blanket, who cares! I ended up going with Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn in the white, green and blue colors. 10.5oz at my local store was 9.99 and I bought 4 at 50% off….SCORE! My sister is a huge Sounders fan and Seahawks fan so it worked out. I also picked this yarn because it’s machine wash and dry-able. For a busy mom I feel like that is super important. My sister won’t be hand washing anything.

I finally finished the blanket on Wednesday. Here is a picture of it pre-blocked.

When I started working the hood, I realized that I crocheted the blanket incorrectly. DOH! I ended up crocheting the DCs into the big loop (incorrect DC) instead of the proper way (correct DC). I figured this out when the hood would not lay flat and kept bunching. It looks fine and I like the way it turned out but I didn’t do it the way the instructions say.

I finished the hood, attachment and rim on Thursday and need to block it. I hate blocking. Maybe I’m doing it incorrectly but it always seems fairly pointless. Depending on the material, but most of the time I gently wet the fabric and lay it down on a few towels. I put in my pins and block it. I let it sit until dry. The piece usually goes back to the shape it was before I blocked it, except the looser parts are now slightly exaggerated. This is pre-blocked but it will probably look the same after.

Here is the Hooded baby blanket pattern I used and you can add me on Ravelry!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


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