The Chief

This review contains spoilers. 

The Chief by Monica McCarty


  • Genre : Historical Romance
  • Date Started :  May 2, 2015
  • Date Finished : May 26. 2015

Description: You can read the full description from the author’s website. This is book 1 of the Highland Guard series.

This book is about a Highlander Chief, a lady with hidden talents, deceit, mighty warriors, war and love.

Wanting to stay out of Scotland’s war and to reclaim his clan’s honor, Tor heads to a meeting with Robert Bruce and other clan leaders. His clan comes first and since his parents death, he’s sworn off everything but getting back his clans honor. At this meeting, Tor, our Highlander Chief gets caught in a compromising position with a young lady. To appease the woman’s father and avoid bringing war on his clan, Tor agrees to marrying the lady and is manipulated into training Robert Bruce’s special army. Tor doesn’t want a wife or any part of the upcoming war but now he has both.

Christina wants a fairy tale love story and for her sister and her to be safe from their father. After being manipulated by her father and ending up in a compromising position with a Highland Chief, Christina uses her wits to get her sister sent to the nunnery of her choosing and she gets a husband that sparks passion within her. Things don’t go the way Christina hoped and it’s getting harder to illicit any sort of emotional response from her husband, well besides anger.

This book should not have taken me so long to finish. Why did it take me so long? Because I didn’t want it to end! I’m not exactly sure how to describe this book. The Chief is a typical Highlander romance but the way the author told the story seems to set it apart from others I have read. Christina, while wanting a silly ideal Lancelot, was not overly silly or annoying. She was young and in love and wanted more than what she was getting. She valued herself and what she could bring to the marriage and I didn’t have moments when I thought, WHY are you doing that?? Then we have Tor, who has a hard time with emotions. Out of the two mains, he was the one that frustrated me the most. He was so cut off and cold at times and his reluctance to trust Christina was infuriating. Those cold moments made the times when he was sweet towards Christina even better and more heartwarming, the small amount we got anyways. I let myself get into this book. I was sad and heartbroken when Christina was. I was happy when Tor was happy and I’m pretty sure I had tears a few times.

The only problem I had with the book was when Tor used a nickname with Christina. I get that you use the nickname to drill home the fact that Tor was being affectionate and was softening towards Christina, but the nickname itself threw me out of the story every time. I just thought of Napoleon dynamite, a stripper or Bob’s Burgers every time he mentioned the nickname. I’ll definitely read this author again but I’m still not sure about this book in particular. The level of romance and tension was just not high enough for me but I know I’m going to the library to pick up the next one in the series!

I’m giving The Chief by Monica McCarty 4 stars.

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