Battling Chaos v.3 : My first steps to Minimalism

My Journey to Minimalism

You have to start somewhere right?

My home is a mess! When I get home all I want to do is sleep. On the weekends I don’t want to leave and I don’t want to do anything. This feeling and the way I’m living my life need to change. I need something drastic but gradual enough that I won’t overwhelm myself and give up so I’m turning to a simple way of living, Minimalism.

One of the most used phrases I’ve come across in the search for simplicity is “find a style of minimalism that works for you”. This is exactly what I plan on doing and anyone who is reading this, this is a work in progress. I’ve not completed this journey but instead you will get to come along for the ride! Sounds exciting right??

This week I’m going to start by writing down all my reasons for doing this, what I want from life and this change and what I think I need. I’ll post these in a few days.

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


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