In my new quest to be more productive and become healthier, I’ve been researching various pedometers, HRM, and GPS bands since January. I finally told myself to stop thinking about it and just do it. Last Friday I was determined to put action behind my words so I stopped by my local RoadRunner store and picked up a shiny new black Fitbit Flex. I have the VIP program through RoadRunner and got 10% off the cost, so yay for discounts!

I decided on the Fitbit Flex because I liked their app and what the device tracks. I can’t really say how accurate it is because I have nothing to compare it to but at this point in my health adventure, I don’t need exacts yet. I also started tracking what I eat on myfitnesspal which also allows you to connect to and sync your fitbit. I’m also a fan of the sleep tracking because it’s interesting to see how much I do or do not move during the night.

What I like about the FitBit Flex : Light weight, band does not contain latex, comfortable, difficult to unclasp clasp, sleep tracking, the app and website dashboard, comes with both small and large bands, battery life (24 hours for 5 days and I’m only at half battery) and options to switch out bands. I initially charged my FitBit Flex Friday the night I got it and it seemed to charge fairly quick, not sure if that will be the case when I need to charge mine in a few days.

What I don’t like about the Fitbit Flex : End of band catches sometimes and weird band gap on the outside on my wrist.

I’ve only had this device for 8 days but I’ll post an update after a month or so. If you want to be my friend on FitBit, add me! My Fitbit site

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


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