Starting over…AGAIN

I start and stop a lot in life, projects, habits, exercise, health and crafts. I always seem to find myself leaving a project half done or forever a work in progress. I will start a project, work on it then get bored or side tracked by some other idea I have. I fear this will happen with this blog.

My hope is that since I know I won’t stop reading, I’ll at least have my book reviews to do if I do start to taper off. I don’t want to taper off though and I don’t want to leave projects half finished. The one good thing I can say though, I have not given up. I have not given up completely and don’t plan to quit. I just go on a hiatus with somethings.

The reason why I’m writing about this is because I’ve been thinking about my health and my productivity. I’ve not lived up to my productivity that I promised myself and I need to make a change. I also just found out that through work, I can get money each month to pay off my gym membership if I go 4 or more times a month. The question is then, why am I not taking advantage of this? My next step is to make a list of projects I want to get done this year and go to the gym at least one time this week.

Have you started something over and over again? How do you stay on task or keep yourself motivated to complete tasks?

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


2 thoughts on “Starting over…AGAIN

  1. When I finally got fed up of my size, I lost 2 stones. With regards to my blog, it felt painful when I left it for 10 months but still had 200 visitors a month. I felt guilty because I loved writing and wasn’t contributing to it with fresh articles. When I find my core motivation, it keeps me going!

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