Beautiful Disaster

This review contains spoilers. 

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire


  • Genre : New Adult – Romance – Contemporary
  • Date Started :  February 13, 2015
  • Date Finished : March 20, 2015

Description: You can read the full description from the author’s website.

Abby is supposed to be a good girl with a past, Travis is supposed to be a tattoo’d thug.

This story is about a girl who meets a guy, they become friends and fall madly in love. Their love is similar to obsession and can be typical in young love. At first Abby is sassy and doesn’t want to be with Travis. I enjoyed this part of their friendship and liked their bantering back and forth as the book goes along. After spending time with him because of a bet, Abby falls in love with Travis. This happens fairly fast and it’s cute and sort of heartwarming. The problems appear when the obsession becomes possession and tempers rise. At this point in the book, I actually became a little uncomfortable. I don’t like violence in my romance novels and was worried where this was going. Especially after reading some other reviews. While there are a lot of red flags, at no time did I think he would hit Abby or even her friend America. Travis is scary intense though.

I felt a lot of emotions while reading this book, worry, pity, sadness, hope, love and irritation. To me, this is not your typical romance, not what I’ve normally come to expect from contemporary romance books. Now I only recently started reading new adult, so I can’t say if it is typical for this genre. If it is, I should stop reading new adult because I’m pretty sure I growled a few times in frustration. I mean, McGuire writes college age students pretty spot on but they are still annoying.

The two main characters drove me nuts. Between their poor communication skills, lack of maturity and disastrous decision making skills, I almost didn’t finish this book. Abby and Travis’s relationship is not a beautiful disaster its a, excuse my language, fucking mess! There were so many times where they could have avoided a fight if they would have talked about things. Honestly this story should have ended at the 75% mark and I would have probably rated it higher. The end basically came screaming fast. I get that the adrenaline and life threatening fire experience probably had a lot to do with it but marriage, come on. I feel like we could have had the last quarter of the book start book 2.

I was not sure how I would feel about this book. While reading it, it had it’s moments. When I started the book I was hooked and loved Travis and thought Abby’s witty remarks were entertaining. As the book went on I started becoming uneasy with Travis but still held out thinking anything bad of him. He was too intense, too obsessive and possessive towards Abby but he treated her well and he was an all around decent guy. Abby on the other hand started to annoy the crap out of me as the book went on. She played with Travis’s feelings and constantly made matters worse. You know how your boyfriend feels about you, why the hell would you just sneak out and leave? Why would you let him tell you he is backing off, when you finally decided to get back together? I’m not condoning she be a doormat or tiptoe around Travis in order to not make him mad but she didn’t have to be so stupid.

My last thought because this is getting long and i’ll probably mess up explaining this but here it goes. I realize that I might be a hypocrite in saying I don’t like violence in my romance. If this was a paranormal romance, I would not feel uneasy and Travis’s behavior would not make me bat an eye. There is some part of my brain that thinks a man with Travis’s obsession with Abby and the possessiveness of them both can not be in a contemporary romance. Contemporary is just too real and I know that Travis would cause red flags to go up with any sane woman. I feel like there is hope for both main characters to mature and change but to me, their characters had very little growth in this book.

I’m giving Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire a 3 star.

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