Battling Chaos v.1

Battling Chaos of the home!

For my first blog post, I talked about setting goals for 2015. I’m working on my reading and you’ve seen a few book reviews since then but very little on productivity, with the exception of prepping meals early so I don’t eat fast food. As for productivity, I’ve always had too much stuff for the space I live in. You might ask how this relates to productivity. Well, all this stuff gets scattered and left out and all together chaotic. I walk into my home and get stressed because of all the mess and clutter. I know that not being lazy and just cleaning up would help but I’m thinking I need to be a little more drastic with this first go around. And by drastic I’m thinking minimalist, which I know nothing about but I’m willing to give it a try.

Now I’m not one to dive right in without doing my research so I picked up The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide : How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify your Life By Francine Jay & a CD of The Power of Less : the Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential — in Business and in Life By Leo Babauta from the library. I don’t generally read self help type books but I figured this one would be worth a read since I need to start somewhere and get in the right mind set. I’m thinking this blog post subject is going to be a 3 part, so look for more to come. Wish me luck!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


First Steps

This last week has been pretty fantastic and productive and I plan on making the weekend the same. Since finding out that not only did my car insurance go up, my phone bill went up and my HOA dues just went up, I’ve been a little financially stressed. I’m great at creating a budget, which I did last weekend but it’s hard when the price of utilities go up but your wages don’t go up with them. I know, I know, welcome to the real world! I’ve always done a pretty good job of not over budgeting my regular (I need these utilities), what I’m NOT great at is sticking to the flex budgets I set. This week though, I only ate out once and that was for a good-bye lunch for a co-worker.  I made this delicious quiche for breakfast and had chicken and veggies for lunches and soup for dinner. Not the most filling dinners but I’m working within my budget right now and I was just glad I didn’t cave and get fast food.


For this upcoming week, I plan of trying something different for breakfast. While I LOVED the quiche (Broccoli, Ham & Cheese), I know that I will get sick of eggs pretty quickly and I decided to try Chia Seeds. For breakfast next week, I found a recipe I want to try, Papaya, Berry and Mint Chia Seed Parfait. Papaya is supposed to be in season so hopefully it won’t be too pricey. Lunches will be the same as well as dinners because I’m taking this slow. No need to rush into getting healthier as long as I’m taking steps forward and not backward. I’ll let ya know how the Chia Seed Parfait turns out!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

Ugly Love Review *Spoilers*

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


  • Genre : New Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Date Started :  February 8, 2015
  • Date Finished : February 9, 2015

Description: You can read the full description from Simon & Schuster.

Ugly love is about learning to accept the ugly side of love not just the beautiful. Miles has a past that he can’t get over and refuses to even try. Tate is the girl next door, no really, she lives next door with her brother. They meet on one of Miles’s darkest days but the sexual tension between them could fill the entire apartment complex, its a big complex over 18 floors. Once they finally decide to give into their mutual attraction, they plan on a no strings, friends with benefits without the friend part arrangement. As you can guess, Tate can’t really handle that and is constantly breaking the 2 rules Miles has, don’t ask about his past and don’t expect a future. Eventually, Tate finds some self respect and ends the arrangement and moves out of her brothers place and into her own. Of course this makes Miles question why he won’t let himself love anyone and finally confronts his past. Miles is finally ready to start the healing process and let himself love, and Tate is the woman he wants to love and let love him.

I enjoyed this story and the concept of accepting that love is both beautiful and ugly and Miles’s struggle to come to terms with his past. I wish there would have been more character development because Miles and Cap were the only characters I felt were more than just 2 dimensional. I wanted more of a personality out of all of the characters because they had potential and I felt like we were just skimming the surface. Not going to lie, the characters sort of irked me. I understand why Miles is the way he is, we get his back story but why is Tate such a doormat. I feel like if we had a little more back story for her, that it MIGHT have helped because I had no sympathy for her or her situation. I kept thinking, you are a grown ass woman who is a RN and getting her masters, what happened to you that you would let a man treat you like this? I’m just disappointed that we didn’t get a deeper understanding of the characters.

The only other thing that I did not like about the book was Hoover’s constant use of odd and varied format style in the flashback scenes and a few key repeated phrases. The format style in the flashbacks section annoyed the hell out of me. If Hoover was trying to convey some sort of feeling with that, I’m going to assume it was not irritation and hatred but that’s what I got out of it. I know it was supposed to be intense and emotional but it threw me out of the story every time. I dreaded reading the flashbacks but they were so important in learning who Miles was. As for the phrases, when ever Tate was liquid, it made me want to get a bounty paper towel and soak her up! Also over using the word weird. Tate and Miles are not weird, and it bugged me that they kept using that phrase. Maybe that is the way New Adults are supposed to talk but it threw me because I honestly didn’t know this book was a New Adult book before I started it.

Overall I’m giving Ugly Love a 2.5 stars because while I enjoyed the story and think others should read the book for themselves, there was not enough substance for me to give it anymore.

Tangled Taurus Book Review Rating 2.5 Stars

A year of unhealthy living

It dawned on me this weekend that a year ago, I was a dramatically different person. I’ve done the Hot Chocolate 5k for the last 2 or 3 years and this year I will miss it and that bums me out, a lot. A year ago I was in a decent enough shape to run the timed 5k, but right now, no way. I was active, I was eating home cooked meals and I was feeling great about my health. It amazes me how far you can let yourself go and not even realize it or care. I know this is still early in the year and I want to make this upcoming statement a lie but I think this will be the first year in the last 5 that I do NOT compete in a 5k. I’m going to aim for doing the 5k Christmas Rush in December but at this point, I may not make that. Now it’s not because I don’t have faith in myself that I could get there, it’s just my body is hurting pretty bad and it’s going to take time. I know my body and the pain I have and it’s going to take time to get back into half of what I was a year ago.

I’m not here to only complain. I have a plan, well I have a rough list of steps to get me to where I need to be. This is part of my goal for 2015. Well not the getting healthier part but increasing my productivity and putting my needs before my emotional wants, which will help lead to living healthier. Tonight I’m going to go grocery shopping and I’m going to pre-make some lunches so I’m not always eating fast food. I feel like this is a great place to start, for now. Less words more action!

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus

Night Myst Review *Spoilers*

Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn


  • Genre : Urban Fantasy
  • Date Started :  January 30, 2015
  • Date Finished : January 31, 2015

Description: You can read the full description from Yasmine Galenorn’s website.

Night Myst is about a town being overrun by a “MYSTerious” (oooh) force. People are being kidnapped, humans and non-humans, and the police have no interest in finding them. This story is primarily about vampires, witches, fae and something new I’ve never read about, vampire fae. Wars are breaking out between multiple mythical races (Vampire fae vs vampires, vampire fae v fae, vampire fae vs everyone) and the people of New Forest are suffering the most! Our heroine and her friends are smack dab in the middle, being played as pawns (like infecting the vampire fae with a virus that backfires on them) between each of the warring races.

Cicely Waters, our heroine, has grown up away from her home town and only came back because her wind elemental informs her that her family in New Forest is in danger. That might sound strange to you but fear not, Cicely has wind powers and other powers I won’t give away. Although her wind elemental helps her out a great deal, moving objects, telling her things through the slipstream (you learn about that cool concept in the book) and all together saving her ass. People are being killed and kidnapped and when Cicely heads back to New Forest she is greeted by an unfriendly welcoming party. This basically kicks off Cicely’s adventures and they go down hill from here but not so bad that you get the “seriously, not again” feeling.

Long story short, Cicely teams up with both the vampires and the old fae queen of the ravine in order to stop the crazy vampire fae queen, Myst. We find out that Myst and her people are kidnapping the towns folk and why and Cicely and her friends challenge her and rescue one of the kidnapped victims. We also learn that Cicely’s old/current love interest was changed from fae to vampire fae when Myst took over control of the town. Myst is now using him against Cicely, since turning and trying to use her aunt against her was not working. Which by the way bothered me a lot. I know Cicely is a badass street kid but come on. I feel like there was no real emotion towards her aunt being changed and her cousin was not as emotional as I would have thought.

We learn A LOT about this world, about the people of New Forest, about witches, fae and vampires. It is a lot of information to take in, so many interesting characters! To me, it was a lot of information but not really the information I wanted. I’m going to assume we get more about her past/family and how it all connects later on, but I would have liked more now. I’m pretty sure others would disagreed and I’ve been told this first book might be a little heavy on world building for some.

I enjoyed this book and the concept/plot but I’m not sure if it’s one I would read again. Although I thought the same thing about the first Kate Daniels book and I LOVE that series. I’m going to continue this series, mainly because we are reading it for my book club but also because I’m interested to learn more and see where the story goes. I’m giving Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn a 3 star.

Tangled Taurus Book Review Rating 3 Stars

The year I turn 30

I had a depressing night last night.

I’m usually a fairly optimistic and positive person but last night all I could think about was how unfulfilling my life is. Not only in work but in my personal life as well. I think I’m hitting the 30 blues. It’s not that I’m sad I’ll be turning 30 this year, it’s all that I have, well have NOT accomplished in those 30 years. I know logically I should not compare myself to others but when 80% of your peers either have distinct careers or ready for their 2nd/3rd/4th child, I can’t help but feel inferior.

Last night I was browsing through Linkedin and the knowledge that I don’t have a career really hit home with me and hit me hard. Where is my passion? I mean, do I hate my job? No. Do I still enjoy my job and where I work? Yes, but what do you do with yourself when you are almost 30 and have no idea what you want to be when you “grow” up? I’d love to move up in my department, but the one position that would do that for me was eliminated because of budget cuts. I’m also feeling the noose of responsibility and a job that paid better would help loosen that noose.

There have been talks about upcoming performance goals and raises and I’m nervous. I feel like my work is going to look at what I make and what the average person in my position makes and decide that I already make more than the average. Then I had a dream that my company started a review website that ranked employees based on customer interaction. My boss pointed out that I had a review and it was not good. I couldn’t understand why because I’m generally really good with customers. Of course I scoured the review section looking for anything to do with me but didn’t find anything. I do a fantastic job keeping my smart ass comments to myself and not telling callers what they can do with their swear words and poor attitudes.

Overall I’m just feeling shitty about myself. Need to get out of this funk.

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus