SuperBowl Weekend

It’s going to be an exciting weekend here in Washington State! Go Hawks!

So I’m ALREADY behind on my reading goal for this year. I blame Maplecroft. I started reading Maplecroft because I didn’t get it in time to read for my book club meeting but it’s just so dull. It has the potential to be intriguing and the story seems like it would be great but I just can’t get into it. I have the book for another month, then it goes back into my TBR pile. To encourage myself, I decide to dive into Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn.


I’ve seen Yasmine Galenorn at book signings, a romance tea talk and at the Seattle Mystery Shop. The last time I saw her, one of my book club co-leaders and I talked to her about her series and we decided to start reading her Indigo Court series.  I’ve read one of her other series but my co-leader and I decide to start one of her series that is completed and only has 5 books. Since Night Myst is one that I need to read for my book club and since book club is next Friday, I figured I should start it. I started it and am almost finished with it, so a book review will be coming soon.

im in

I think I said this before, but I’m sort of a bandwagon Seahawks fan. I generally don’t watch football games, unless I’m at my friend’s house who watches them all. I tend to watch 2 games a year, the Superbowl, if we are going and the Apple Cup. GO COUGS! The reason I’m bring this up again is because I just need to say how awesome it is to see local businesses and the community rocking the Seahawks colors and 12th man flags. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been part of something so inspiring and that evokes a sense of pride and joy, but it’s a great feeling. I wish more things brought communities together like this. I’m excited for the big game tomorrow and can’t wait to see the Seahawks crush it! Oh and I bought a dozen cookies from Sweet Themes Bakery and I’m super disappointed. I’ll never order off an order form again because what the form said and what I got are vastly different. I specifically choose the cookies that did NOT say square and that’s what I got. I complained to the owner and since they only had the footballs left, we switched out some of the cookies. Still angry that this would even happen.

seahawks cookies

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


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