I need a hug

It’s been a very stressful few weeks and my body is not handling it well. I’m craving comfort food, have migraines every few days and have been incredibly irritable. All I feel like doing is snuggling with my dog on my couch watching Netflix or punching someone in the face. This is not cool. I have tons of things I should be getting done. I have a couple of projects I have to work on and plenty of books to read. I just got 2 new books that I am dying to read but it seems like I’m slacking on time management. On top of everything, I yelled at a customer service person last night and now I feel guilty.

After yelling at the guy just doing his job, I needed something to do to release the pent-up stress and anger, so I cleaned my living room. My cleanliness has gone down the drain and if you ever want to make yourself feel better, clean your living space. Emotionally, I think the clean living room helped clear some of the pent up frustrations I’ve had for the last couple of weeks. I even finished the design part on a scarf I am making for a friend. See how pretty the Seattle skyline looks!

It’s important to feel good and not let stress eat away at your mental state. Everyone cops with stress differently and I think for me, it’s important to know what the signs of stress are. When I recognize those signs I should and need to do something, like cleaning, taking a shower, going for a walk or just getting up and out of the house. I’m still pretty irritable but I’m just hoping that will pass. I hope.

Tiffany – The Tangled Taurus


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