Emotionally Drained

I’m so emotionally drained today. I probably won’t describe this very well but I need to get it off my chest and sorry if it’s long. About a year and a half ago my company was purchased by a large industrial firm. This firm also purchased 2 of our biggest competitors and there has been a lot of changes. Some changes have made sense, some not so much. All together we are currently all under 1 parent company, and by all I mean 5 companies. Plus 1 that we combined with part of another company to form a new company. It’s still all very confusing and we are still running into the problem of, which company handles what in regards to purchasing, Human Resources and logistics. One thing that has helped our efforts to smoothly transition and help communication between the companies has been our HR department. Mainly our VP of HR and my companies HR team. Most of the other HR teams consist of 1 person because they have fewer employees we have roughly 1000.

About a week or so ago the company decided to eliminate the VP of HR and have all current HR Managers and HR Country Directors within each of the companies take on this extra role. To some this might make sense but with so many companies, you need that 1 person who can be the mediator and go between for the HR leaders, employees and the upper management team(VPs, Company Leaders and our Board). Most people dislike HR anyways but our VP is one of the best and has held this company together through all of our changes, department reorganizations (we do a TON because the VPs like to change their departments up so often) and layoffs. Today is her last day and on top of it my boss, the Director of HR, let our team know she’s given her notice and her last day is in December.

I’m not surprised my boss is leaving but I figured she would hold out a little longer after the VP left. My boss is already doing the job of 2+ people and now they want to add on what the VP does. My boss is not even leaving to go to another company, she’s just done. Now I don’t want to sound dramatic but I fear my department is going to fall apart. I know it probably wont but there is no one currently employed with the knowledge that either of our departing HR team leaders have. Neither have an assistant to help with the transition and we have been trying, unsuccessfully for a few months to hire a 2nd HR Manager for our operations team. How do they expect to fill the HR Director role in a month? Plus I’m losing the best boss I’ve ever had. This whole thing has got me thinking about the future and I don’t like uncertainty, who does? I feel like its too soon and too raw to make any rash decisions but it’s got me thinking, updating my resume and at least looking around for what’s out there.

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What the [BLANK] happened this weekend?

A FUN weekend!


My new fridge came in this weekend! Friday night and Saturday morning I spent the majority of my energy on cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the kitchen, and making room for the delivery guys. I went from a freezer on top model to a french door with freezer on bottom. it’s a little bigger and sticks out and that small difference is driving me a little crazy. See the picture above. I like the space inside but overall the change has been, a little difficult to get used to. It’s only been 2 days so I know I’ll get over it.

After my fridge was delivered one of my book club co-organizers convinced me to go to the Passport to Romance Reader Event at The Westin in Bellevue. I’m SO happy she convinced me to go. Most of the events I’ve gone to consist of tables lined up and each author has a whole table or half, they are selling their books and giving away swag. Pens, chap-stick, bookmarks TONS of bookmarks, shot glasses and other odds and ends cover tables. I once went to one that was giving away promotional condoms, flavored condoms. It’s all rather fun but this event topped the cake.

Passport to Romance Reader Event

We each got a swag bag, if you got there before they were gone. The bags have bookmarks and other promotional items. What surprised me the most? The free books inside the bag, yes free novels! My friend even got a hardback. Once you got inside the room, you still had tables and swag and authors selling their books but these were smaller round tables and authors actually talked and conversed with you. The atmosphere was great. You could get drinks. You could ogle the male cover models who were there. You could enter in raffles to win a bunch of prizes. You could vote for your favorite book cover. The best part, besides chatting with the authors and publishers, and the most surprising, more free books. This was a great way for me to try some new authors. I noticed that a large number of the authors at the event primarily did electronic books and since I tend to avoid digital books, it was nice to see them have hard copies for me to read.

At the end of the event, while my friend and I were waiting to take a picture of the adorable and studly cover models, one of the authors asked me if I was interested in paranormal romance. Of course I said yes, I mean that’s what my book club is all about. Turns out one of the raffle winners who won her book already had it and she was giving away the copy the winner didn’t want. That got us to chatting and I told her about my book club and she asked if we would like the first 2 books of her series to read. How awesome is that?? Once we get together to drop of and pick up the books my book club will get to read books directly from an author. We’ve had that happen once before, with Richelle Mead and it was pretty awesome. If you would like to see which books I got, you can check out my ECWC2015 shelf on Goodreads.

See my swag and hot male cover model pictures below!

After Saturday’s fun night, Sunday was boring. Woke up feeling like I had a hangover, which I might have. I ran some errands and then played video games while watching Bones. All together I had a super fun weekend.

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Let me just…Oooh SQUIRREL

I’ve been distracted.

I’ve been unmotivated.

I’ve been uninterested.

I have no idea why I’m all weird right now. Nothing major is happening in my life but I’ve been super distracted. I changed up my blog look because I felt it needed a fresh coat of paint but it did nothing to reengage me. Work has been so-so and pretty much the same as well with home life. Maybe I’m bored? Ok not maybe, I’m definitely bored. I’m not sure exactly what to do but I have a few activities planned for the upcoming week so hopefully that helps.

I just wanted to post a quick post, show I am alive and well if not bored out of my mind. I’m postponing my book reviews for a while because it’s taking way to much time to finish a book right now. Updates might need to work in the mean time.

If you’ve ever been in a funk how did you get yourself out of it?

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What the [BLANK] happened this weekend?

The best thing to come out of this weekend was a big fat win for the Sounders and it was fantastic being in the stadium for it. The Sounders vs Portland game was on Sunday in front of 64k+ fans. We’ve been struggling and it was not pretty but we will take the win. While It was not pretty, we fought hard. I feel like they played with so much more passion and you could see there was a different energy on the field. I hope they continue with the energy I saw on Sunday and finish the season strong. I also heard the Seahawks won their game as well. I could not watch that one but glad to hear they won. Yay for Seattle teams, I won’t even mention the team that plays at Safeco…

The big thing this weekend. I’m not sure if you are aware, but Washington State, well the Pacific Northwest, has been under attack from Mother Nature this summer. We’ve set record highs, we are in a drought, wildfires are everywhere and this past weekend we had a massive wind storm. Trees uprooted, power went out and some people still don’t have power. Now I’m not complaining because I only lost my power for about 30 seconds. Enough time to turn off my TV and interrupt my Buffy marathon but it did screw with my wifi. I’m just thankful that no major trees feel in my area and I didn’t get hurt. Unfortunately this can not be said for everyone. It’s just been a tough few months for my poor state and the people living here.

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Oh Happy Day!

Friday is generally reserved for a book review but because I have been slacking, you don’t get one. Instead I want to attempt to spread some joy!

This morning I woke up late, groggy from lack of sleep, and I forgot to make my lunch last night. I got dressed and took the dog outside and the crisp air hit me and I felt incredibly better. Breathing in the wonderful crisp air that smells like rain and fall, some how gave me a boost of energy and positive vibes. I’ve been told that our cloudy days and rain often make people depressed, but for me it’s the complete opposite.

So today, if you happen to stop by and read this blog I hope I can make your day a little better. Please enjoy some motivation, inspiration and good vibes on this wonderful rainy Friday.

And most of all…

Make it your mission to spread joy, make someone smile and remind those in your life how much you care about them. You never know what someone is going through and a little positivity, even from a stranger, can go a long way.

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Happy Women’s Equality Day!

My current projects are on hold. Project updates will be posted soon but I need to catch up on my reading first. Instead, today I wanted to share a tradition with everyone.

Since growing up, moving out and living by myself, I’ve started to miss the little things my family used to do together. One of the things I miss the most are traditional events and how we used to celebrate them. As a school age child, you’re often made aware of specific days, events, holidays and what not. As you get older, you tend to, not forget about them but every day life seems to overwhelm you and your thoughts. I don’t have any kids in my household so it seems a little silly to have a tradition for one but I want to share my August tradition I’m starting. Today is all about reminding myself about who made it possible for me to vote.

You might have heard about the Women’s suffrage, it’s a movement that’s happened all over the world. On August 26, 1920, 95 years ago today, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was certified as law and women were granted the right to vote, all woman. As a female, this day means a lot to me and creating a tradition to celebrate them seems like a great way to honor suffragettes. I want to do something special each year to celebrate and honor the women before me who made it possible to vote. When and if I ever have children, this would be a great tradition to share with them.

How I plan on celebrating Women’s Equality Day?

First things first, make sure my voters information is correct and up to date.

Next, get informed. Since my county already had August Primary elections, I’ll be looking up information about the General elections coming up in November. Since the US will be voting in a new President next year, it’s a great time to start looking into who might be running and some of the issues I will be voting on.

Lastly, it’s time to honor and celebrate those who make a difference. I have a list of famous women suffragettes that I will use but it can be any woman, past or present who I think has helped society in regards to women’s equality. I’m not going to do a research paper or anything, just take some time out of my day to read up on what a particular woman has accomplished. For the start of my tradition, I’m going to do some reading about Susan B. Anthony, unfortunately for Anthony, she passed away a decade before women could vote.

Time posted a great infograph today, Why we still need Women’s Equality Day, that shows why Women’s Equality Day is relevant and a much needed reminder that we still have a long way to go. Cheers to 95 years of being able to vote and cheers to women everywhere still fighting for equality.

Thank you Suffragettes and Happy Women’s Equality Day!

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How do you plan on celebrating Women’s Equality Day?

What the [BLANK] happened this weekend?

This past weekend went WAY too fast.

I went to the Mariners game with some friends. This was the first game I’ve been to this season and probably my last. The firework display after the game was great and the most exciting thing during the game was watching the wave. What does that say about your team when the crowd is more focused on continuing the wave then watching the game? We also ate fantastic nachos out of a helmet.

I played Skyrim most of the day Saturday and did some cleaning. At 7pm I watch the Sounders get beat by Real Salt Lake. That was a frustrating game. RSL’s goals were not fantastic or anything like that and the Sounders Defense didn’t play horribly but we just can’t score. It doesn’t help when the moment your team decides to push harder they get instant yellow cards, yet Mulholland a RSL player can have 5 fouls called and get nothing. We also messed up the few opportunities RSL gave us, again frustrating. We don’t have many games left so I hope they can step it up soon. Oh I also finished a few rows of my scarf during the game.

I did some baking as well. Nothing fancy but I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies. I was able to get the whole batch cooked before my oven decided to stop working. The stove top, clock and lights work but the oven won’t heat up. I’m going to see if changing out the heating element gets it to work again. So weird that it was working fine in the AM though. This will be a first for me!

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Magic Strikes

This review contains spoilers.

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews


  • Genre : Urban Fantasy
  • Date Started :  July 22, 2015
  • Date Finished : July 23, 2015

Description: You can read the full description from the author’s website. This is the 3rd book in the Kate Daniel Series.

I am in love with this series and I’m finding it incredibly hard to not read ahead of my book club. Everything about this series has me hooked and ready for more. I’m usually that person who would skim the fighting scenes but not in this book. There is so much action in this book and it flows well. This book is about Kate getting pulled into a world of underground arena/gladiator style fighting.You read that correctly, gladiator style fighting, and apparently this is not her first time in this style of fight.

Much to Kate’s frustration she finds herself caring for a lot of people. I don’t mean caring for a sickly relative, I mean friends. Kate’s always been told to trust only herself and to not make friends. This is a constant struggle for Kate, especially as her bond grows with Andrea, Derek and the pack. Kate has a big heart, she can’t help it. So when she gets a call to help with a pack death and is told they don’t need her help, she is slightly uneasy. It’s not her job and if they needed help they would ask. After one of the longest days ever, she goes home and is in fairly good spirits because she knows she has 1 slice of pie left. Kate’s super excited about the pie, it’s sort of hilarious.

Kate gets a call from Saiman, informing her that Derek broke into his house. It’s Kate to the rescue and she finds out that Derek is after tickets to the Midnight Games. Kate negotiates Derek’s release but is then pulled into going with Saiman to the games to help him evaluate a team competing. Derek uses this chance to ask Kate to give someone at the games a note, a girl someone. Kate is suspicious but thinks Derek just has a crush on some girl.

During the first night at the games, Kate learns that the girl Derek is looking for wants to leave the cult/group she joined, the same group that Saiman wanted Kate to evaluate. The girl will give the pack information if they help her escape. Kate reads the note after the girl throws it away and discovers that Derek has arranged a spot to meet. Too bad the girl turns on him and Derek is left outside one of the packs properties and is severely beaten. It’s really bad and it made me feel so strongly for this kid and so much anger to the ones who hurt him. Derek may act like a man but before this incident, he was just a teenage smart ass with lots of confidence.

Jim and his group of guards hide Derek and the other bodies from Curran. Derek is in bad shape and they think he might go loup. Kate learns that the pack has been hiding it all from Curran. Turns out that Curran’s rule number 1 is the pack is forbidden from participating in the Midnight games after what happened when he took over. Jim has been investigating and has an inside man in the games and thought Curran would not understand.

Things are super tense and Kate, because she is awesome, makes a comment to Curran telling him that her and Jim are running away together. Of course, Curran gets pissed and it’s hilarious. The tension between Kate and Curran was fantastic in this book. Curran and Kate make a bet, if he can find her and the pack members before the pack grace period is up, she has to cook him dinner, naked. So much tension! Curran does find them, of course but she traps him in a loup cage and tells Julie not to let him out before the hour is up.

The pack wants revenge on the group that has been killing pack members so Jim, a few pack members, Kate and Saiman entering the Midnight Games. Lot of great fighting scenes happen when they are at the games. We discover Saiman’s true form, get to see Jim, Derek, Kate, Andrea, Raphael and Dali (a clumsy partially blind tiger) fight together. Shit hits the fan though when Curran, Mohan and Aunt B. show up at the Games. Curran replaces Saiman on the team and they end up kicking major butt.

We end up learning that they are dealing with mythological figures from India, who somehow have tricked M-scanners to think they are human. The bad guys in this book eat the pack members they take and want to steal the prize gem from the Midnight Games. This gem can cause the shifters to not shift and they want to use it to destroy the pack. We find out a little more about Roland and how he is connected to this group of mythological creatures and how the pack is growing too large for Roland to ignore anymore. We also learn Kate’s big secret and exactly why she is so worried about her blood. She shatters a weapon that can only be destroyed by Roland himself, which basically announces who she is.

Everything that happens to Derek in this book made my heart melt and you know his character has been forever changed. Julie’s school experience and how Kate handles what the kid is going through is completely heart warming. And now we just need to wait to see how Kate and Curran’s naked dinner turns out. Oh wait, I think Curran said she could wear underwear that he picks out.

This book had me hooked. We learned so much and experienced a lot of important story building events.  It was really hard not reading ahead so I’m giving this book 5 stars. I would read it again and again and it only reinforces my love for all things Kate Daniels.

Tangled Taurus Book Review Rating 5 Stars

Computer Area Decor

I posted my computer area makeover a few weeks ago for a Battling Chaos post and I’m finally getting around to posting some of the decorations I did. I cleaned up all of the binders, papers, file folders that had NOTHING in them, and trashed some of my old computer games. I love the new look and can’t wait to transform the the rest of my living room.





I did a few minor upgrades which I’ll cover in a couple Wednesday Project posts.

  1. Beauty and the Beast picture
  2. Small Perfect sign
  3. Desk recolor
  4. Shelf recolor
  5. Cork board decoration
  6. Blue box for outgoing mail and things to file


Beauty and the Beast Picture


This was a fun project. My all time favorite Disney princess movie is Beauty and the Beast. Since the living room is where I keep the majority of my books, I thought it would be appropriate. I wanted something simple to do but still creative. I found a frame from TJ Maxx on clearance for $5 and painted it gold. It had a few scratches but I planned on painting it, so who cares? The little plate below was silver but to stick with the theme, I decided to paint it gold.


While that dried I came up with an idea for the picture. Originally I was going to paint Beauty and the Beasts silhouettes on a dark blue background. I didn’t want paint anymore so I printed off random pages of the story from different sources online. Some of the pages are in French and some in English but all tell the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Next I took those pages and aged them in the oven with coffee and coffee grounds. I found a blog post on how to age paper over at Confessions of a Plate Addict. I followed her instruction except I did not use foil under my paper and I added coffee grounds to make some age spots stick out.

After the pages were aged I used mod podge to glue the pages together. Working from the back to the front like you would normally glue paper. I left the top clean and clear of mod podge so I could add the silhouette. I ended up drawing the silhouette on with charcoal. Then I used a spray to set the charcoal so it doesn’t flake off. Put it all together and I now have this super cute Beauty and the Beast picture!

Small I’m not Perfect sign




I got this sign from a friend for Christmas and I love it. Originally it was a light blue and I wanted it to be just a little darker. I didn’t want to paint it so I went to Lowe’s and found Cabot interior wood stain in the blue I was looking for. I sanded the edges of the sign and lightly sanded the front. I added about 3 coats of the stain and then 1 coat of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish. It turned out pretty good and while the front is a little difficult to read, it’s still readable. All in all a good first time experience with staining wood!

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What the [BLANK] happened this weekend?

My weekend begun with a Seahawks preseason game Friday night. Yes I know they were not playing their top players but it was still a tough game to watch. The universe decided to do me a favor and with only the 4th quarter left, my power went out. With nothing else to do because I could not use my phone data to watch the rest of the game, I went to bed!

Saturday I wanted to get started on some of my cleaning. I’ve been thinking about switching to natural products for some time but have always been to scared to switch. It doesn’t really have anything to do with cost as much as what chemicals I’m using and what if I ruin something!  Saturday I decided to try out  50/50 Distilled White Vinegar and water on my entry way. I added a few drops of Sweet Orange essential oil to help with the smell. Cleaning wise, it pretty much is like most store bought stuff. My entry way is a bitch to clean because it’s not smooth, the dirt can build up in sections. I’m going to have to really scrub at it to get it clean no matter what I use but this was a cheap and chemical free way to clean. Next up I’m going to experiment with carpet cleaners.

I went through all of my CDs and separated them into keep, sell/donate and download piles. I need to figured out if my sell pile is even worth anything to anyone and I need to get an external drive for my music. I currently don’t have anything to back up my music on and I don’t want to use a cloud storage. Oh and I even found a cassette tape I used to listen to ALL THE TIME when I was in Elementary school. After the sorting I left to meet up with my friend A. We had planned on going to see a free movie in the park but it had rained that morning and dark clouds were rolling in. We decided to stay home and pick up some Redbox movies, since I had a few free codes and have tacos for dinner. Pretty fantastic end to the day even if we didn’t get to do what we have originally planned.

Sunday was a completely lazy day.  I started a new game in Skyrim. I have not played this game in forever and had a blast starting up again. I think I put a load in the dishwasher, other than that I think I played Skyrim all day! Oh and the best part about this last Sunday, the SOUNDERS WON! We had new players play, we had Oba back and all the players seemed to be on top of their game. It was fantastic!

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